E-mail archiving in Thunderbird (Windows)


Detailed help
  • Open Thunderbird.
  • Click the e-mail folder of your choice with the right mouse button. If you wish to choose all your university e-mail, click on the Inbox folder with the right mouse button.
  • Select (Properties) (Ominaisuudet) and then the Synchronization (Synkronointi) tab.

  • Tick Select this folder for offline use and click Download Now.

Now your e-mail has been archived on your computer and you can read it offline.

Transferring archived e-mail to another computer

If you have a valid HY (UH) username, the most recommended way of transferring your e-mail to another computer is to set Thunderbird to read Office 365 mail.

If your username has expired, first follow the instructions above and then do the following:

  • First, you should locate the file to which your e-mail has been saved.
  • Open Tools (Työkalut) > Account Settings (Tiliasetukset) > Local Folders (Paikalliset kansiot).

  • The address of the directory containing your e-mail is shown in the Local directory (Paikallinen hakemisto) field.

    Copy the contents of said directory to, for example, a memory stick.

  • Next, locate the local file of the target computer (on which you have already installed Thunderbird) in the same manner as above.
  • Copy the materials to this file and start Thunderbird.