E-mail printing

  • You can print pdf files on the university’s multifunction devices from any e-mail application or device.
  • By default, one-sided colour printing is used. You can adjust the settings at the printer end. For double-sided printing:
  1. When the file is shown on the printer, choose it in the display and click Options at the bottom.
  2. The Options menu has the Duplex drop-down menu, allowing you to choose duplex printing (Duplex Long edge in case of a normal vertical document). The Options menu also includes options for adjusting the colour and stapling settings.
  3. Finally, click Set options.
  4. Then print the document from the main view.
  • You can send several attachment files at the same time. You should note, however, that the server does not accept the message if the total size of attachments exceeds 28 MB.




Quick help
  1. E-mail the file to be printed as a PDF attachment to print.canon@helsinki.fi from your firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi e-mail address.
  2. The printout can be collected from any one of the university’s smartcard multifunction devices in approximately 15 minutes.
Detailed help

In this example, an attachment file is sent from Outlook 2016. You can use any e-mail application.

  • E-mail the file to be printed (2) as an attachment to print.canon@helsinki.fi (1).