Installing Outlook 2013 on a home computer

These instructions tell you how to setup Outlook 2013 on your home computer.

>> Instructions for Office ProPlus for home use. >>

If you are using a centrally maintained computer on the university's network, follow these installation instructions.


Detailed help
  • When you start Outlook for the first time, the installation wizard opens, guiding you through the setup process step by step. Select Next to start the installation

  • The program asks you if you want to create a new e-mail account. Answer Next.

Next, the program asks you to enter you e-mail account details.

  • Type your e-mail address in the format in the E-mail Address field.
  • Enter the password of your user account in the Password field.
  • Click Next.

  • Outlook will now automatically find the server settings based on the e-mail address entered. When the account settings are correct, you are requested to log in with your user account. Select Use another account.

Enter data:

  • Username in the format (1).
  • The password of your user account (2)
  • Click OK (3)

After this, you might see a security warning. Accept it by selecting Yes.

At the end, you will see a summary of what has been done. At this step, you can add another account (1) or continue to the e-mail by selecting Finish (2).

Before you can access the e-mail, you have to select security settings. Select Install updates only, unless you want to take part in Microsoft's development scheme. Continue by clicking Accept.