Subscribing to shared mailboxes

Mappi/Webmail was shut down technically on June 5.

Mappi e-mail delivery was ended finally on June 5, 2017. This means that after this date no new messages will arrive to Mappi and no messages can be sent from it.
If you have not transferred to Office 365 mail yet, do that immediately. You can find the implementation instructions here.
Your old messages will be stored in the Mappi e-mail archives until 12 June 2018. Each user is responsible for copying their own e-mails from Mappi/Webmail to Office 365 by the end of this year. You can find the copying instructions here.

Further information: Shutdown of Mappi e-mail.


Detailed help

Shared and Subscribed mailboxes are displayed in the bar on the left side of Webmail:

Jaetut postilaatikot Webmailissa

If you cannot see the mailbox, you have to order it as follows:

  • Click Folder Actions > Show All Mailboxes
    Näytä kaikki postilaatikot


  • Find the correct mailbox and click it with the right mouse button. Choose Subscribe.
    Tilaa jaettu postilaatikko Webmailissa


  • The mailbox you subscribed to will appear to the bar on the left side. Unsubscribed mailboxes can be hidden by clicking Folder Actions > Hide Unsubscribed.