Thunderbird: Automatic signature (Windows)

The signature of an e-mail is a text or other file written by you and automatically attached by the e-mail program to the end of a message when you send the message.


Detailed help

In the Thunderbird program, the signature can be created, for example, in the following manner:

  • Select Menu > Options > Account Settings from the top right corner

  • Select an e-mail account
  • Write the signature in the Signature text box (1). You can use HTML formatting in the signature by ticking Use HTML


  • Open a text editor (e.g. NotePad) and write your signature in the text file. Save the file in .txt format. As in the image below, select Attach signature from a file... (2) select Choose, find the file you saved and select it. You can also make an HTML file or use an image file as a signature.
  • You can also attach a vCard file, i.e. a virtual business card, to the messages (3).
  • After accepting the settings by clicking OK, the signature you selected will be attached to the end of the messages you send. If you wish to change your signature, edit the text you have written in the Signature text field or the file you have saved.