Mapping your www home page directory to a network drive (Cubbli)

 If you wish to perform this operation on your home PC, you first need to establish a remote connection to the university's network.

Are you looking for instructions for accessing the home directory (Z drive)? You can find the instructions for different operating systems here.


    You can map your home page to your own computer as follows:

    • Open Menu > Computer.


    • Open File > Connect to Server.

    Fill in the fields:

    • Server:
    • Type: Windows share
    • Share: /web/k/ where k is the first letter of your username. E.g. for the username rkeskiva the share is /web/r/
    • Folder: your username, e.g. rkeskiva
    • Domain name: ATKK
    • Username: your username
    • Password: your password
      • If you wish, you can tick the box Add bookmark and type a bookmark into Bookmark name.


    • Click Connect.


    • Your home page directory will open. If you created a bookmark, it will show in the left hand toolbar.

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