Office 365: Instructions for those moving from local to the cloud

These instructions only apply to users who have been working in the local Microsoft Exchange environment and now switch to using cloud services.

Migration instructions

The changes made in phase 2 below take place overnight, which is why you must reserve enough time before moving to the next phase.

We recommend you to go through phases 1 and 2 at the end of your work day and proceed to phase 3 the following day.

In the migration, the contents of your mailbox are automatically moved to the Office 365 cloud environment. Sensitive materials must be removed from folders BEFORE the migration.

  1. Before migration, create a backup copy of the e-mails according to these instructions. If you haven't started using Outlook yet, do it now according to these instructions.
  2. Order a cloud mailbox with this form. Everyone shall accept the EULA electronically regardless of whether they have previously accepted it on paper. Instructions on how to order a mailbox.
  3. The browser's cache still contains the data of the local server. Clear the browser's cache according to these instructions. Step 4 (logging into OWA) is not possible if the cache hasn't been emptied.
  4. Log into OWA at
    Enter your username as
  5. Log into Outlook. Enter your username as Restart Outlook. After this, the mail system is functional again.
  6. For computers covered by centralised application maintenance, logging into browser e-mail may require a couple of additional identifications. This is a temporary problem which will be resolved once the browser used on university computers is updated.
  7. Remove the e-mail accounts of mobile devices and recreate them. Instructions are available in the mobile instructions page.
  8. Check the visibility of calendars and share your calendars again, if necessary.
  9. If you use Thunderbird for reading your e-mail, check the settings according to these instructions.
  10. If you use Macintosh Mail for reading your e-mail, check the settings according to these instructions.

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