Outlook 2016: Tasks

In Outlook, a task is any item which has to be followed up until it has been completed. There are several ways to create tasks. You can, for example, use the New task command in the Tasks tab, flag an e-mail message or drag a calendar entry to the Tasks area of the navigation pane at the bottom of the window. All tasks created are shown in the Tasks tab.


Detailed help

Creating a task by flagging a message

To flag a message for follow-up, do the following:

  • Right-click the message.
  • The message is added to the task list in the Tasks tab.


Creating a task by dragging an item to the navigation bar

  • You can create tasks by dragging an item, such as a message or calendar entry, to the Tasks icon in the navigation bar.
  • This opens a new window.
  • The information of the calendar item is added to the task. You can edit the information before saving the task (1).
  • Save the task (2).


Creating a task from the menu

  • To create tasks in the Tasks tab, do the following:
  • Click New Task.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • You can enter a name for the task in (1).
  • You can specify the start and end time in (2).
  • You can specify the phase of the task in (3).
  • You can enter notes for the task in (4).
  • Finally, save the task (5).


Removing a task

When you have completed a task included in the task list and want to remove it from the list, mark the task as complete or remove its flag. REMOVING A TASK REMOVES IT COMPLETELY FROM OUTLOOK. If you have flagged an e-mail for follow-up, for example, a task is created based on the e-mail. Removing the task from the task list also removes the original e-mail.

  • Right-click the task.
  • Open Follow up.
  • Choose the correct option.

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