OWA (Outlook Web App): Contacts

You can save and organise information related to persons by creating contacts. At its most concise form, contacts may only contain the person's name and e-mail address, but they may also contain several phone numbers, street addresses and additional information.


Detailed help

Microsoft updates Office 365 services sporadically, thus functional and layout changes can occur. Therefore there can be discrepancies between these instructions and your updated version. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of this page in case you notice any significant discrepancies.

Adding a contact from e-mail

  • Open the message (1).
  • Click the sender’s name (2).


  • A new window opens to the right. Click the three dots.
  • Click Add to contacts.
  • Some of the fields are already filled out for you (1). Enter information in the other fields as necessary. When you have finished entering the information, click Save (2).


Adding a contact from scratch

  • Click the waffle button.
  • Click the People icon.
  • This opens a new window. Open the New menu.
  • Choose Contact.
  • This opens a new window. Enter the necessary information (1) and then click Save (2).


Editing a contact

Follow the steps below to edit existing contacts:

  • Click the waffle button.
  • Click the People icon.
  • Open the Contacts view (1).
  • Choose the contact you want to edit (2).
  • Click Edit (3).
  • Edit the information (1).
  • Click Save (2).


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