OWA (Outlook Web App): Tasks

A task is any item which has to be followed up until it has been completed. You can use the New task command in the Tasks tab or flag an e-mail to create a task. All tasks created are shown in the Tasks tab.


Detailed help

Microsoft updates Office 365 services sporadically, thus functional and layout changes can occur. Therefore there can be discrepancies between these instructions and your updated version. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of this page in case you notice any significant discrepancies.

Creating a task by flagging a message

  • To create a task from an e-mail, click the flag icon. When you right-click, a menu opens (shown in the image) for specifying a due date for the task.

Creating a task from the menu

  • Open the Tasks menu.

  • Click the new task text.

  • Enter a description of the task in field (1).
  • Select a due date for the task (2).
  • You can enter information concerning the task in (3).
  • (4) opens more fields for information.
  • Click SAVE (5) when all the information is correct.

  • The task is shown in the task list (1).
  • At the top of the list, you can change the view between all tasks, active tasks, overdue ones and finished ones (2).

Removing a task

  • To remove a task, first click to activate the task and then click the cross (2). The envelope in the image (1) reminds you that the task has been created from an e-mail. Removing the task in this way also deletes the e-mail related to it.

  • OWA warns you that the e-mail will be deleted.

  • Removing the flag of the task or specifying the task as finished is a better way to operate. This way, the original e-mail stays in your mail.