Setting the home page folder as a network drive (Windows 7)

Home page folder is located on a separate network drive. Editing the home pages requires that the folder has been set up as a network drive on your computer.

Instructions for Mac users.


Detailed help

Setting the home page folder as a network drive

Click Start > Computer

Click Map network drive.

A new window will open.

  • From the menu, choose a free network drive identifier (for example Y) (1).
  • In the Folder field, type the name of the network drive using the following format: \\\update key
    In this example:\\\w-astro (2).
  • Check the Reconnect at logon box (3).

Click Finish (4).

Type in your password and your user name with atkk\ prefix (e.g. atkk\rkeskiva).

The network drive is now in use and you can start updating your website.

Here are the instructions for setting up Dreamweaver.


In case you do not need to update the web pages anymore, you can disconnect the network drive with these instructions:

  • Find the current website drive on your computer. Click Start > Computer

Find the network drive you use to update your website.

In this example: w-astro (\\ (Y:)

  • Y: is the drive identifier
    w-astro is the update key
  • \\ is the network drive path.

Place the mouse pointer on the name of the network drive ( 1).

Right-click the mouse. Choose Disconnect from the menu (2).