Update rights and keys


Detailed help

Requesting a new update key

To update department pages on the university www server, you need an update key. Send a freeform request to helpdesk@helsinki.fi via e-mail. The request must cover the following things:

  • Which unit are you requesting the key for (organization, department, research project.
  • The web address (or a request, if it does not exist yet). Attention! The addresses for the university's www.helsinki.fi server are granted by digital communications at the communications and community relations department (verkkotoimitus@helsinki.fi)
  • Which user names will be updating the web pages
  • Who is the person responsible for the pages (user name)

Access to WWW update keys

Anyone who already has access to update keys can check what keys they have available from WWW key management.

In addition, each page has a person in charge of granting rights to the update keys. This person will make all changes to keys from the key management.

Changing the person in charge can be done easily by contacting Helpdesk.

Managing the WWW update keys

Things you can find listed in update key management include the name of the key (w-atk), the directory path (/www/atk) and the users, and also whether the key has Samba update rights (see Moving websites to the new address).

There are two main paths in use, /www and /secure. The latter refers to pages behind secure connections (https).

The Modify command lets you change the key's information. The Users field lists user names separated with a comma.

The Delete command lets you remove unnecessary keys.

The Add new key under command lets you create subkeys for the keys you control. With subkeys you can grant update rights to only a certain subfolder of the pages for certain people. The main key will also, however, always allow access to the folders which are updated with subkeys. The folder for which the key is made must be created separately!