Updating web pages using a browser

The www based update system can be used on a browser that has support for secure connections (https) and cookies. Any newer browsers usually support both.


Detailed help

Logging in

The system can be found at the address https://www.helsinki.fi/perl-bin/update.

  • Type your network login into the Login field.
  • Type the password for your network login into the Password field.
  • After a successful login, the Select key window will open, with a menu displaying the available update keys. Choose the desired key.

Updating the information

After choosing the key, a folder view will open as a www form.

  • Updating a file on the server disk
    • Choose the file you wish to upload with the Browse button, and upload it by clicking the Upload button. There are three different transfer methods available from the menu.
    • Normal will transfer the file as is.
    • Rename will rename a file with a .htm extension to .html and change the file name to lowercase. E.g. INDEX.HTM -> index.html.
    • Unzip: Before uploading, you can archive several files into a single package with a zip archiving program (e.g. ZipCentral, InfoZip, etc.). This transfer method will unzip the archive into separate files on the server.
  • Removing, renaming and moving files
    • Choose the files you want to alter by checking the box in the Mark column after the file name.
    • Click the Rename, Move, or Delete button under the file listing.
  • Creating a new subfolder
    • Click the Makedir button and type in the desired folder name.
  • Other functions
    • The Help button will display brief user instructions.
    • With the Change key button you can move to update folders under another key.
    • The Add password protection button lets you set up a password protection for a specific subfolder.
    • The password protection can be disabled by deleting the .htaccess and .htpasswd files.
    • The Logout button will exit the updating system.