Lifesize video conferencing

Lifesize is a light and easy to use video conferencing solution. It can be used, for example, with the Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 browsers and with several smartphones directly without installing any additional software. Some browsers may require installing plugins. Lifesize works best with the Chrome browser and it uses the computer’s own video and audio devices.

Lifesize is particularly suitable for video conferencing. It can also be used for lectures if no special features are required. Participants are not required to register or install any plugins that require administration rights.
Lifesize can be used for communication within the organisation and with external parties, phones, terminal devices and Skype for Business.

When you reserve a Lifesize room, you can request the possibility to save files as well.


Lifesize Cloud has updated the addresses of the virtual rooms. Those joining a meeting with a video conference device must change addresses in the format to OR

People who use the Google Chrome browser or Lifesize client do not need to change addresses.


Quick help

Only staff can reserve a meeting room, but students are free to attend.

  1. Reserve a Lifesize room with this form in advance. Place the order AT LEAST 3 working days before you need the room.
  2. You will receive a confirmation and a meeting link by e-mail, usually within three days.
  3. Invite participants by adding a link to a calendar invitation or e-mail.
Detailed help

Reserving a meeting room

Only staff can reserve a meeting room, but students are free to attend.

  1. Reserve a Lifesize room with this form in advance. Place the order AT LEAST 3 working days before you need the room.
    You will receive a confirmation and a meeting link by e-mail, usually within three days.
    The order must include the following information:
    • Requested name of room
    • Name of orderer
    • Whether password protection is needed for the room. You can suggest a password..
  2. Invite participants by adding a link to a calendar invitation or e-mail.
  • The room will remain active for 365 days from the last active use.
  • The maximum number of participants in the room at the same time is 50.

Instructions for participants

Joining a meeting room

  • Log in to the negotiation with a browser (Chrome or IE 11). The address of the room will be in the form


  • You can change the language setting in the top right corner menu.


  • Type in your name (displayed to the other participants) and your e-mail address and click Next.
  • When you click open the menu at the bottom (1), you will receive instructions on joining the meeting with your video conferencing equipment.


  • Joining with video conferencing equipment


  • Next, select the camera.
  • You should see the video footage captured by your computer’s camera in (2). If it is not visible, check that the camera is connected (3). If you are using several cameras, select the correct camera from the drop-down menu (1). When the video is visible, click Next (4).


  • Click Use computer audio.


  • You can use several audio devices, such as the computer’s speakers and a headset.
    • Select the correct microphone from the menu (1). Test the microphone by talking into it. The setting of the Microphone level bar (2) should change according to the volume of the speech. If nothing happens, check that the microphone is on (3).
    • Select the speakers (4). You can check the functioning of the speakers by clicking Test my speakers (5).
  • When all adjustments have been made, click Join (6).


  • You have joined the meeting. The active speaker is shown in the main window (1). The images of the other participants are shown as thumbnails in the bottom bar (2). You can mute your microphone by clicking the icon (3) and switch off your video camera by clicking the icon (4). You can share your screen or some other application with others with the icon (5). You can log out of a meeting by clicking the icon (6). By clicking the info button (7) in the top right corner of the screen you can see information on the meeting room, such as its address. By clicking (8) you can view the list of participants and with the cog icon (9) you can change the settings of the camera, microphone and speakers.



Sharing your screen

You can share your screen, an open application or your browser’s tab with others.

  • Click the sharing icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select what you would like to share (1).
  • The preview is shown in the middle (2).
  • Click Share (3).

Pop Out window

  • When you are viewing material shared by others, you can change your own view.
    • To resize the video image and materials image, move the border between the images (1).
    • Open the shared material in a separate window by using the Pop Out function (2).

Leaving a meeting

  • You can leave a meeting by clicking the Leave icon in the bottom right corner.


Instructions for organisers

NOTE: Lecturer and moderator rights must be requested separately in the additional information section of the order form.

Acting as a lecturer or moderator in a Lifesize room

The Lecturer feature in Lifesize is useful when there are many participants in the virtual room and a regular web meeting would be confusing. The Lecturer feature is designed for lectures or possibly for information events where primarily one person is speaking and others are listening. The lecturer’s video is shown to all participants and the lecturer sees all participants, but they do not see each other. However, all participants can hear each other. When the Lecturer feature is in use, everyone can, on their own screen, adjust either the lecturer’s camera image or the shared screen to better suit their needs

If you need a moderator in the room, you can order this feature for the Lifesize room. The Moderator can switch off the devices switched on by participants (camera and microphone) and remove participants from the meeting room.
When you order a Lifesize room, you can request the Lecturer or Moderator feature for the meeting in the additional information section. In this case, log in to the Lifesize system using the main user’s username. If you or your department do not have a user account, one will be created for you. The Lecturer and Moderator features can be combined as well.


Sending an invitation

  • You can get a room by clicking on the info icon in the top right corner of the room. The address of the room is below the Meeting link text and you can copy this, for example, in your e-mail or calendar invitation.


 Muting the microphone of the attendees

  • The moderator can mute the microphone of a participant.
  • Click the microphone image next to the participant’s name. Select Mute microphone.


  • ou can switch on the participant’s microphone by selecting Unmute microphone.


  • If necessary, the moderator can mute all microphones at once by selecting Mute All. The participant cannot switch on the microphone switched off by the moderator.


  • The moderator can also switch on the microphones of all participants at once, except for the ones switched off by the participants themselves, by clicking Unmute All.


  • The participant receives a notification on the moderator’s actions.


Removing a participant from a discussion

  • The moderator can remove other participants from a discussion. Click the phone microphone image next to the participant’s name.


Recording a meeting

  • You need separate rights for recording a meeting. Remember to order them with the order form in connection with ordering a room.
  • Click Start recording.
  • You can leave the meeting without interrupting the recording if there is someone attending the meeting for the whole time.


How to stop recording

  • Click Stop Recording.


Watching, editing and sharing recordings

  • When the meeting is over, the browser goes to the Home view (1). There you will find the View recordings button (2) in the bottom right corner.


  • You can view the recorded meetings by clicking on View recordings.


  • You can edit a recording by clicking on it. The main window (1) shows the selected recording. There is a menu below it (2) that you can use for editing the recording. You can share the video with others, edit its metadata, download the video to your computer for further editing, add it to you viewing list or delete it.


Leaving a meeting

  • ou can leave a meeting by clicking the Leave icon in the bottom right corner.
  •  If you are the main user of your meeting, you will be asked to confirm your choice. You can end the meeting for all participants by selecting End Meeting. If the meeting continues for other participants, select Leave Meeting.



  • Use this form to request live streaming in a virtual room when you book the room.
  • The room is used normally, but the owner or administrator of the room will start streaming from the streaming page in the browser (the link will be provided in the confirmation of the booking).
    • The content of the meeting will not play automatically.
  • During live streaming, the meeting will be automatically recorded.
  • You can get to the streaming page by using the link provided to the viewers, either directly or by entering a PIN code (not necessarily the same as the meeting room code, if any).
  • Viewers can leave comments either directly or with the permission of the party that booked the room.
  • The lag for the streamed video is 20–30 seconds.
  • The virtual room can have a maximum of 50 simultaneous participants and, additionally, the streaming page can have 150 viewers who can follow the broadcast. They can comment on what they see, but cannot participate otherwise.
  • Join by entering your name.
  • If live streaming does not start, refresh the page or try again later.
  • For a live streaming subscriber, the arrangement is the same except that they have an Enable stream button.
  • When live streaming is on, the subscriber sees this:


Questions concerning Lifesize meetings can be sent to

Lifesize instructions online

Manufacturer’s support page