General guidelines to setting up smartphones for use at the University of Helsinki

When you are given a new smartphone to use, almost all of the security settings are disabled (with the exception of the SIM card's PIN code).

Listed below are the things you must remember to do or read when starting to use your smartphone:

  • Change the PIN code of the SIM card, if you have not changed it from the default. By default, the pin code is usually either 0000 or 12345.
  • Set up a lock code and enable the phone to ask for it. By doing this you will have increased the security level of your phone.
  • Read the instructions on the safe use of smart phones. There are many good points in the instructions, which you might not immediately think of yourself.
  • Do remember that the terms of use apply to the use of university phones as well. The phones are, like work stations, intended as tools for studying, research and administration. Limited personal use is allowed. Do bear in mind that, like elsewhere at the university, it is forbidden to keep material on your phone which violates copyright laws.
  • When installing programs you must remember that installing additional software might cause problems when using the phone. Thus, installing programs that are not necessary or deemed safe should be avoided.

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