Office 365: Adding an iPhone & iPad account


When you take the university’s Office 365 service into use with a mobile device, you simultaneously grant administration the right to remotely manage the device in question. If necessary, administration can delete all the data in the device. This concerns devices owned by the University of Helsinki and also privately purchased devices.

Administration will only activate the remote wipe when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that the device has fallen into the wrongs hands (e.g. it has been stolen) and it is possible that important data will also fall into the wrong hands. In this case, the identity of the person requesting for the remote wipe is checked. Measures taken by administrators to the phone are gathered as log information.

See more information about remote wiping of a mobile devices

You can use the Office 365 service in iPhone and iPad with the Safari browser, the Outlook application or the Mail and Calendar applications of iOS . These instructions explain how to adjust the settings of the account connected to the Mail program. These instructions have been prepared for the iOS 8 version.

Adding an account to the iOS Mail application

You should add the Office 365 account to the iOS settings even if you use the Outlook application, because this allows you to send files as e-mail attachments from all iOS applications.

  • Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.
  • Select Exchange as the account type.

Fill in the fields

  • E-mail: yourOffice 365 account "" (such as
  • Description: Description of the e-mail account (such as or Office 365)
  • Tap on Next.

 Select Sign in (Kirjaudu sisään)

Give University password. Click Sign in (Kirjaudu sisään). 

Next iOS ask access rights to your mailbox. If you agree, click Agree (Hyväksy)

From the list, select the Office 365 services you want to use with the iOS device applications (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders).
Tap on Save.

Launch the Mail application to read your e-mails. The Office 365 calendar is shown in the Calendar application, the address book in the Contacts application, the notes in the Notes application, and the to-do lists in the Reminders application.

Specify how old e-mails are shown in the Mail mailbox. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select the Office 365 mail account.
Tap Mail Days to Sync and select a time interval in the list. No Limit shows all messages.

Using the calendar in the Calendar application

Adding an Office 365 account to the iOS settings lets you also use your own, personal calendar which is used in the iOS Calendar application. Shared calendars cannot be used in the Calendar application. You must use the Outlook application for them.

Tap the Calendar application and, if necessary, use the Calendars button middle in the lower edge to show the Office 365 calendar.
Tap the plus button or press the desired time of day or week to create a new entry.

  • Make sure that Office 365 calendar is shown under Calendar. To select the default calendar, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Calendar.
  • Click Add attendees to add participants to the meeting. Tap the plus button and enter the name of the attendee to the search field.
  • If the search cannot find the person, tap Groups and select Global Address List from the list under the Office 365 account. Type the name of the person again. A check mark appears in front of their name if they are free at the suggested time. An X symbol indicates that they already have a calendar entry for the time in question. Tap the plus button again if you want to add more attendees for the meeting. Tap Done to finish.
  • The summary shows Invitees (1) and Scheduling conflict (2) if any of the participants are booked for the time in question, and a proposal to resolve the conflict (All invitees can attend) (3). The Info button shows the available and busy times in a person’s calendar.

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