Cubbli keyring

A keyring is a program that other programs, such as browsers and e-mail reading programs, use to retain confidential information so that even system administrators cannot read it. Such information includes saved passwords and private keys for gpg and ssh programs. Chrome browsers do not work properly without a functioning, open keyring.


By default, the keyring used by Cubbli is encrypted using your university password. This means that every time your password changes (i.e. normally at least once a year), your keyring password also needs to be changed. If you want, you can continue using your old password or change it.

Please note that only you can change the keyring password. Administrators do not know your password and cannot change it.

When your university password has changed

If the program asks for your login keyring password upon login, enter your old password if you want to open the keyring.

1)    Open the seahorse program (click the Windows button, type seahorse in the field and click enter).
2)    If you can remember your old password (that you used when creating the keyring) change (in the picture Change Password) the login keyring password to match your new university password.
3)    If you cannot remember your old password, delete (the Delete button in the photo) the login keyring. The new blank keyring is initialised when you log in the next time.

In the future:

  • If you have set the university password as your password, the keyring password will not be asked.
  • If you are using another password, you will be asked to enter the keyring password every time you log in.

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