Pop-ups do not open – Mozilla Firefox (Windows)

The SAP system uses pop-up windows. Pop-up windows are blocked by default in the Firefox browser, and a message will appear on the screen about allowing them. In the SAP system's user interface the question will appear briefly, but immediately disappear. In practice, however, you can notice the problem when invoicess and memos will not open.


Detailed help

Allowing pop-up windows

  • Select Tools from the Options menu.

  • Select the Contents tab (1).
  • Click the Exceptions (2).

  • Type the names of the SAP servers into the Address of website field in the window that opens, one at a time (1), and click the Allow button after each one (2).
  • The addresses of the SAP servers to be added are (note the https):
    • https://sapwww.it.helsinki.fi
    • https://saqwww.it.helsinki.fi
    • https://sadwww.it.helsinki.fi
    • https://saswww.it.helsinki.fi
    • https://saphr.it.helsinki.fi

  • Click the Close button.

  • Close the Options tab.