Using VPN software in Cubbli

When using VPN software, traffic is encrypted from your computer to a VPN server located inside the university’s firewall. In addition, computers using a VPN connection receive an IP address from the university’s network. The latter allows the use of services that are restricted to use with university computers.

HY-VPN settings are pre-installed on the university’s Cubbli workstations.

The IT Center upgraded the university OpenVPN service with the new uh-vpn-allroute and uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only connections during 2021, replacing the old hy and hy-tun connections (HY-VPN and HY-TUN connections on Macs). The old OpenVPN connections will be permanently disabled on 31 October 2022.

Read more about OpenVPN service update from Flamma

Read more about Cubbli from the developers’ open wiki.


See the detailed help tab for more instructions

    Establishing a HY-VPN connection

    The VPN settings are found automatically in the network settings menu. There are two HY-VPN connections. If you need the computer to always have the same IP address, you must always use the connection (either 1 or 2). You an use either connection ff the IP address does not matter to you.

    In the network settings menu, you can see VPN Connections below the wireless networks.

    • Click the slider to ON.
    • Select HY VPN 1 or HY VPN 2.
    • A window for entering your password opens. Enter your password in the field Password. .

    The connection is established after successful authentication. The password is saved in the user’s Keyring upon first use. The next time when you open the VPN connection, you do not need to enter your password but the connection is established directly. You must re-authenticate after changing your password.

    You can check you IP address, for example, in the IP Chicken service. IP addresses of the university’s network start 


    • The VPN connection is disconnected using the ON/OFF slider. .


    Expired password

    This is how you can solve problems caused by an expired password::

    • Use the search field to search for “password“.
    • Click Passwords and Keys.
    • Activate VPN password secret ... and click Delete..

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