Remote support service Bomgar (Internet Explorer)

Helpdesk uses the Bomgar remote support software in the fixing of customers' IT problems and installation of software on customer computers.

Accepting a remote connection

  • Go to the Bomgar Support Portal at
  • Enter the numerical code received from the helpdesk to the Session Key field and then choose Submit

  • Click Yes to accept the remote connection

  • Enter your name in the Chat window

  • Click Accept to accept the use of the Chat window

  • After you have accepted, a notification appears at the top of the browser concerning the file to be downloaded

  • Click the notification and choose Download File...

  • Click Run to accept the downloading of the file

  • Click Run to accept the starting of the program.

  • The Chat window shows a request to accept the remote connection. You can ask the helpdesk for information on choosing the right option by, for example, typing your question in the Chat window.

  • Allow full access to your computer – you grant the helpdesk full access to use your computer
  • Allow only viewing – you allow the helpdesk to see the contents of your computer
  • Refuse request – you don't allow the remote connection
  • Once you have accepted the remote connection, the helpdesk employee is able to use your computer, install software on it or resolve problems.
  • You will be notified when the helpdesk terminates the remote connection.

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