Using an encrypted flash drive

Using an encrypted flash drive

    Opening the encrypted storage space of an encrypted flash drive

    • Double click the DT5000_Launcher on the flash drive that opens.
    • Enter the password you set earlier to the encryption software.
    • When the data is decrypted, the contents of the flash drive will be available for use. The default name for the encrypted partition is KINGSTON.

    Shutting down the encrypted saving mode 

    • When you have finished saving data on the flash drive, remember to shut down the encrypted partition. Click the encryption software's icon in the lower right corner of the screen once and select Shut Down DT5000 from the pop-up.

    • The software will ask if you really want to shut down the flash drive.
    • Wait until the software notifies you that it is safe to remove the flash drive.

    Changing the password and settings

    When the flash drive is opened, click the encryption software's icon in the lower right corner of the screen and select DT5000 Settings from the pop-up menu.

    In the settings menu you can change the language of the software, change the public information stored on the flash drive and change the password. Remember to save the changes you make by clicking Apply right after making the changes and OK when you close the settings window.

    Changing the password

    To change your password, enter your current password into the Current Password field on the Password tab, and the new password into both the New Password and the Password Confirmation fields.

    The encryption software requires a password which is at least 6 characters long, with both upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. How secure the encryption is depends very much on the complexity of the password or phrase used. The recommended length for the password is at least 10 characters, or 15 characters when transferring sensitive materials.

    Updating the information fields

    The information fields (Contact information tab) can be freely filled with information on the owner of the flash drive. Do remember, however, that the information entered into these fields will be public to anyone who has access to the flash drive.

    It is recommended to enter the name of your unit into the Name field and University of Helsinki (or Helsingin Yliopisto) into the Company field. You can enter more specific information, such as the name of your research group, into the Details field.

    Under no circumstances should you enter references to the password or other confidential information into the additional information fields.

    Changing the language

    To change the language of the encryption software, pick the preferred language from the drop-down menu on the Language tab and click Apply. Finnish and Swedish are not included in the software.

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