VPN portal: Encrypted connection to the university with a browser

Use of some of the university's online services is limited to the university network for licence related reasons. These services include the databases and e-papers offered by the library. The services can also be used on computers outside the university network by establishing a secure connection between the home computer and the university server in the VPN portal at https://www.vpn.helsinki.fi.

With the VPN portal, you can also download files in home and group directories to your home computer for editing and upload them back to the university server. In addition, you can use the SAP software required for university administration and, in the future, other online services requiring a secure connection as well, via the portal.

The lists of services available to students and personnel are slightly different.

There is separate HY-VPN software to be installed on your own computer for remote use, when browserbased solutions are inadequate.

To use the VPN portal, your browser must allow javascript.


Detailed help


Logging in to VPN portal

  • Go to https://www.vpn.helsinki.fi
    • Log in to the portal with your micro network (AD) access rights
    • Enter your username in the Username field (e.g. rkeskiva)
    • Enter your password in the Password field
    • Click Sign In

Portal front page

The portal services are divided into two groups

  • Web Bookmarks gives you access to services used with the browser
  • Files helps you to manage your micro network (AD) directories The lists of services available for students and personnel are slightly different.
  • The Home option takes you to the portal front page
  • The Help option takes you to these instructions
  • The Sign Out option logs you off the portal

Always remember to log off when you are not using the portal!