Eduroam in Cubbli

All centrally maintained Cubbli laptop computers have the Eduroam network settings and necessary certificates pre-installed. To use Eduroam on these computers, you only need to switch on the wireless network. If the computer is located within reach of the Eduroam service area, it will automatically try to connect to the network.

If an Eduroam user has used Eduroam on the same computer before, their login details have most likely been already saved and the network will be accessed automatically. If it is the user’s first time using Eduroam, they will need to log in.

NB! Eduroam requires usernames to be entered in the format (e.g. The username alone without the ending will not work.

After changing your password you must always log into Eduroam again.

Some problems have been detected with the Eduroam login. If after several attempts you fail to log in, try changing the format of your username to instead of

The University of Helsinki has several wireless networks:

    Joining the Eduroam network

      Select the Eduroam network from the list of available networks.


    After a successful login, a connection is established. Your password will be saved in your personal keyring. In the future, the connection will be established automatically.

    NB! If the Eduroam network has been unlisted using Forget Connection, the CA certificate must be retrieved from the /etc/cubbli directory to the Eduroam network settings again. Select the certificate with "HYAD" in its name, e.g. "HYAD-root.pem".

    Installing the Eduroam certificate on your home computer

    If you are using a computer that is not administered, you may need to install the Eduroam certificate yourself. Please follow the steps below:

    • Use your browser to go to Click the button on the page: Click here to download your Eduroam installer.
    • Select your organisation (University of Helsinki).
    • Select the user group. You have two options. Select:
      • Username and password authentication
    Enter your username in the format (e.g.

     Once the Python script has loaded, open the command line and go to the destination directory. Example:

    • cd Downloads

    Make sure the script has execution permissions

    • chmod +x

    Run script

    • python3

    Your Eduroam profile is now visible on your network connections.

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