Connecting a Chromebook to the eduroam network

The eduroam settings for the most commonly used devices (Windows, Mac, mobile devices) are directly available at The settings for Chromebook, however, are not available, and the settings must be made manually.

These instructions contain two steps:

  1. Bring the university's certificate to your device
  2. Adjust the settings

Bring the university's certificate to your device

  • Connect the Chromebook to the mobile network, for example, until you have adjusted the eduroam settings.
  • To load the certificate on your device, right-click and choose Save link as...
  • Open the following page in the browser: chrome://settings/certificates
  • Go to the Authorities tab and click Import…
  • Select the file you just downloaded (.pem). You can find it in the Downloads folder.
  • Click Open (Avaa).


  • The device then asks "Do you want to trust "University of Helsinki Net CA"" ( "Luotetaanko kohteeseen University of Helsinki varmenteen myöntäjänä?"). Click OK (you don't need to check the check boxes).


  • Click Ready (VALMIS).

Adjust the wireless network settings

  • Click the wireless network icon in the bottom right corner (a crossed-over triangle). This opens a new window for selecting the network settings. Also some other current network (such as HelsinkiUni Guest) may be selected here.


  • Select eduroam from the list of wireless networks.


Fill in the fields:

  • Choose PEAP under "EAP-tapa".
  • Choose MSCHAPv2 under Phase 2 authentication.
  • In the list under Server CA certificate, select HYAD ROOT CA.
  • Enter your username as (such as
  • Enter your password in the Password field.
  • Leave Anonymous identity empty.
  • Check Save identity and password and click Connect.

Chromebook now connects automatically to the eduroam network when it is within range.


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