Using the VPN connection on Pulse Secure with your own Mac

It is possible to form an encrypted remote connection from outside the university to the servers of the University of Helsinki. A VPN connection is also useful in HUPnet and other unencrypted networks. If you wish to access your home directory (i.e. the Z drive) from your home computer, first act according to these instructions and then open the instructions for connecting the home and group directory to Mac.
MacOS Catalina 10.15 was released on October 7th, 2019. This version is not yet fully compatible with all University of Helsinki services. Likewise all Software Center applications are not yet compatible with Catalina 10.15. Centrally maintained University of Helsinki computers will be updated according to a schedule determined after testing.


Detailed help

Forming an encrypted connection

Install the Pulse Secure connection software from the Download Centre.

  • After installation, start Pulse Secure in the Applications folder.
  • Add the connection address by clicking the plusbutton. In the Name field, type HY-VPN, for example, and in the Address field, type (staff) or (students).

  • In the future, you can open the connection by clicking the Pulse Secure icon to the left of the clock on the menu bar and choosing HY-VPN -> Connect. If the icon is not shown, start Pulse Secure in the Applications folder.

  • Pulse Secure asks for the university username and password. Click Connect.

  • To disconnect, use the Pulse Secure icon on the menu bar and click VPN -> Disconnect.