Setting up the group disk space (P drive) on a Cubbli machine

You can set up the group disk space (group directory) on your computer.


Setting up the group disk space

  • Click the folder icon.
  • Open File > Connect to Server.

Fill in the fields:

  • Server:, where X is the profit centre’s numerical code’s (Hxxx) first digit, e.g. IT Center H907 is group9
  • Type: Windows share
  • Share: profit centre number. A list of profit centres can be found in Flamma.
  • Folder: your group directory
  • Domain name: ATKK
  • Username: your username
  • Password: your password
  • Click Connect.

Example picture: IT Center, H907:


Adding a bookmark from your directory

In the window that opens, an icon pointing to the folder you’ve attached is shown under the Network heading. Right-click the icon with the mouse and select Add Bookmark. Then, the folder will be visible in the Bookmarks list under the Home directory. If necessary, you can rename it by right-clicking the name and then selecting Rename.

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