Use of HY-VPN (Windows 7)

In the Windows 7 operating system, the openvpn-gui application launches as administrator by using the UAC property. The use of HY-VPN is started in two parts; first, launching the software, and then connecting to the university.


Detailed help

These instructions apply only to the university's home computers! Instructions for computers administered by the university.

These instructions require that the Open-VPN customer program and the HY-VPN profile file have been installed on the computer, installation guide.

Launching HY-VPN software

  • Select Start -> All Programs -> OpenVpn -> openvpn-gui.

  • Accept the UAC property verification question on running the file.
  • The openvpn icon should appear in either the task bar (2) or the menu in it (1) as pictured below.

Connecting the Helsinki university network

  • Click openvpn in the task bar
  • Select Connect

  • When the OpenVPN -User Authentication window opens, enter
    • your username in the Username field (e.g. rkeskiva)
    • a corresponding password in the Password field.
  • After identification, the OpenVPN log is shown in the window.
  • If you are using the OpenVPN program for the first time, you must allow OpenVPN traffic to UDP gate 1194 in your firewall.
    • For instance, the F-Secure firewall asks what to do when an unidentified program tries to connect outside the firewall.
    • In this case, connection can be allowed for the openvpn.exe program by clicking Allow.
    • If you want a permanent rule for the program, first tick the Do not show this dialog for this program again box in the bottom section of the window and then click Allow.

  • If the user identification and connection is successful, a notification will appear in a popup window next to the task bar. The window will show the IP address offered by the service.
  • At the same time, the OpenVPN icon in the task bar will turn green to signal an open connection.

Other icon colours are:
Red              No connection.
Yellow          Connecting.

You can disconnect by selecting Disconnect in the task bar openvpn option.