Self-service: User accounts and passwords

  • Extending the validity of your user account
  • Activating a new user account
    Tool for new students, requires either Netbank User ID or an electronic ID card
  • User account information (Flamma) 
    Permissions and validity
  • User account information
    Including validity, contact information, main user account and mail server, some information can also be changed
  • Changing your University network password
  • Changing the password on your light user account
  • Changing a forgotten password
    Requires either Netbank User ID or an electronic ID card
    Alternatively, you can retrieve a new password from ID Point identification service. Have a photo ID with you.
  • ID Point
    ID Point is an identification service which helps those in the university to easily and securely use services requiring personal identification by telephone.
    At the moment, Helpdesk offers telephone services in exchange for an ID Point code in the following issues:
    • Changing a forgotten password
    • Deploying a new username
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