Usernames and access rights

In order to carry out their studies or work, students and staff at the university require an username and a password to use the University of Helsinki IT systems.

NB! You can check the validity of your user names and access rights here


Detailed help
Take this into account when you select the username. Use the right username in the right place!
  • If the information of the username does not include an e-mail address (at the university or elsewhere), you will not be able to use the learning environments (Moodle).
  • If the username doesn’t include a personal identity code and a student number, you cannot use it in WebOodi.
  • If the username doesn’t have a personal identity code specified, the password cannot be reset with banking credentials.

Personal username

All individuals who are either employed by the university or registered for attendance at the university are granted personal access rights. The access rights allow the use of the university IT systems. You will also acquire an e-mail address. By receiving access rights you agree to comply with the university IT systems terms of use.

Applying for a personal username

Students (including students studying separate courses) obtain a username without applying for it separately. The student must activate the username themselves according to these instructions.
If the student cannot activate the username themselves, they must fill in a username application on paper and send it to Helpdesk.

Everyone else must fill in the username application as soon as they start at the university and submit it to Helpdesk.

Further information about starting studies or work at the university

Additional access rights

Access rights to university workstations and most commonly used IT systems are added to the user account by default.

Some IT systems may also require separate access rights. These are usually applied for using the HERO person role register.

Validity of access rights

Access rights will be valid for a set time period. The validity period will usually be extended automatically, but in some cases users need to regularly extend it by themselves.

Visitors and outsiders

HUPnet accounts, limited user accounts, conference accounts or, if needed, ordinary personal access rights can be created for individuals from outside the university.

Networks for visitors

Visitors from other universities can also use the wireless eduroam visitor network with their home university user account if their home university is part of the eduroam network.

Members of the Finnish Haka identity federation can, for example, Wiki with their home university user account.

Visitors can also use Helsinki Uni Guest visitor network when in University of Helsinki.

Limited user account

A limited user account allows access to university services requiring identification, such as Flamma, Wiki, Moodle and WebOodi. Some of the services require that the user account information includes the user’s personal identity code or e-mail address. Limited user accounts cannot be used to log in to university workstations.

Additional information about the limited user account

An employee can order a limited user account (and other special accounts) using the e-form without separate approval. A student can order a Unix user account using the e-form. They must talk to the student adviser if they want to obtain any other special accounts.

Conference account

Conference accounts are suitable for persons making shorter visits, e.g. for conference guests. Conference accounts allow access to classroom computers and to shared workstations. Systems such as Moodle, WebOodi or e-mail cannot be accessed with a conference account.
A university employee must order a conference username using this e-form

NB! If the visitor is employed by the university and they use Sole to record their working hours, a personal user account should be applied for instead.

Course account for use in teaching

A normal account can be granted for external students also for short-term use. The student must apply for it themselves according to these instructions.

The teacher of the course may apply for course accounts for their group. Course accounts are suitable for students from outside the university who do not have a personal user account. Course accounts allow access to the university’s shared computers and classroom computers, but they cannot be used to access systems such as Moodle, WebOodi or HUPnet visitor network.
The teacher must apply for course account using this e-form.

Jointly used group usernames

A group account isused by several people. Group accounts are suitable for the use of a specific computer or for a task where the person in charge changes often. E-mail inboxes are not available for group accounts.

A person in charge, whose name will be used to create the account, should be selected for the group. Group account usernames will be in the form departmentabbreviation_groupID.
A university employee must apply for group usernames using this e-form.

Administrator and main user usernames for university staff working in IT functions at the university

There are no automatic messages on the expiry of admin and main user accounts. Receive them in your e-mail inbox by adding your e-mail address in the format on this page. The mail will be directed to your Office 365 inbox.

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