Connecting to and using the HUPnet network

As part of the reform of wireless roaming networks, only HUPnet accounts can be used to log in to HUPnet from 1.2.2019 onwards.

  • University staff and students can use the secure Eduroam network.
  • You can download eduroam settings when you are in HUPnet. You can then download eduroam settings without signing in to HUPnet. Get the eduroam tool here:


Detailed help


Logging in

  • Start your internet browser.
  • If the browser cannot find a web page, go to your default home page.
  • The browser will be directed to the HUPnet login page.
  • Enter your login and password for the university computer network (AD).
  • If the connection is successful, the browser will inform you of the connection being open.

If the browser does not automatically redirect you to the HUPnet login page, try the address

The connection is open for as long as the computer is connected to HUPnet.

When using an HY-VPN connection, no separate login is needed. See Connections from outside the university > separate instructions.

Restrictions in traffic

HUPnet only uses IP as its protocol, so more unusual protocols will not work. All connections are masked behind a single net address, so the computers on HUPnet will be unreachable from outside. This may cause problems with some special connections, such as video conferencing and using the MS messenger, but using FTP and Netmeeting programs, for instance, will work normally. Unprotected connections (such as telnet, POP) are forbidden on the university network.