Connecting Mac to HUPnet

As part of the reform of wireless roaming networks, only HUPnet accounts can be used to log in to HUPnet from 1.2.2019 onwards.

  • University staff and students can use the secure Eduroam network.
  • You can download eduroam settings when you are in HUPnet. You can then download eduroam settings without signing in to HUPnet. Get the eduroam tool here:


Detailed help

All new, and most relatively new Macintosh computers have a built-in wireless network adapter, AirPort Extreme. If your device does not have an AirPort adapter, you will have to purchase one and install it into an extension slot on the computer.

Install the university's certificate into Firefox or into your Keychain if you are using Safari or Firefox.

  • When you are in the network's coverage zone, Mac OS X will give an announcement of an open network.

  • You can also choose the Univ Helsinki HUPnet directly from the AirPort menu.

  • Open your browser, and the HUPnet network login page will open.
  • Type in HUPnet user account name and its password.

  • The connection will be open for as long as your computer is connected to the HUPnet network.