Using group storage spaces remotely (Windows 7)


Detailed help

It is possible to access a group storage space if you are authorized. Note that if you have "read only" rights, it is not possible to modify files.

N.B! Make sure that your computer is connected to the Helsinki University's network! If you are not in the University's premises you are required to use the VPN connection.

A group storage space is connected as follows:

  • Open Computer.
    Tietokoneen kuvake
  • Choose Map Network Drive.
    Ryhmälevyn mappaaminen windows seiskassa


  • Type in the following address to the text field (the backslash (\) is typed by pressing ALT GR and + simultaneously on your keyboard):

    in which "h###" is replaced with the unit's numer. See the list of the units in Flamma.

  • In the Drive text entry box, you can choose any given letter.
    Ryhmälevykansion mappaaminen windows seiskassa


  • Click Finish.
  • Type in your password and your user name with atkk\ prefix.
    käyttäjätunnuksen syöttäminen
  • If everything has gone well, the group storage space opens. It can be found in the Computer window. All the folders that you've gained access to can be seen as subfolders.