Setting up an encrypted flash drive

This instruction is only for Kingston Data Traveller 5000 flash drive.

Before you can start using the flash drive, it must be formatted, and the password used for decryption must be defined.

  • Plug the flash drive into the computer. If the encryption software does not start automatically (autorun), open My Computer and from there, flash drive DT5000. If it does, proceed directly to step 3.
  • Double click the DT5000_Launcher on the flash drive that opens.

  • When the encryption software is run for the first time, it automatically formats the flash drive.
  • Choose the preferred language for the encryption software and click Next.
  • Read and accept the license agreement and click Next.
  • Define the password or phrase and click Next.
  • Fill in the public information fields for the flash drive as you prefer and click Finish.

Please note! The encryption software requires at least a 6 character password with upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. How secure the encryption is depends very much on the complexity of the password or phrase used. The recommended length for the password is at least 10 characters, or 15 characters when transferring sensitive materials.

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