Dear student, do you want to access a university computer from your home?

8.9.2017 - 9:45

Did you know that you don’t need to go to a computer lab at the university to use the software on the university computers? With the remote desktop service, you can use a university computer remotely from your own device.

The remote desktop gives you access to the most common software provided by the university. Adobe software can only be used on the Designer workstations on the 4th floor of the Aleksandria building.

Using the remote desktop on your home computer

You can access the university’s Linux desktop remotely from your home computer or mobile device. You don’t need to have a separate Linux user account.

Open the URL Choose whether you want to install the VMware Horizon Client software or access the remote desktop through your browser. You can also install the software from the Download Centre. Please read the installation instructions from the Helpdesk website (link).

Using the remote desktop on a university computer

When you use a university computer, you can use the remote desktop service to choose between the Linux and Windows desktops. On older workstations, you can easily launch the remote desktop via the HY menu. The HY menu is found in the toolbar at the bottom of the display. The menu icon is the university’s logo.

On the new terminals in the Aleksandria building, you can choose between the Linux and Windows desktops when you log in.

You don’t need a separate Linux user account or a dual boot computer.

For instructions on how to use the remote desktop, please refer to the Helpdesk website.