HY’s network to be updated

25.8.2017 - 11:45

IT Center will update the university’s communications network’s backbone hardware during the autumn. This update enables us to provide everyone at the university with a faster and more stable network connection.

The updates will be made in phases and will cause short localised interruptions to the network, e.g. the workstations’ network connections are disconnected.  We will do our best to run the updates at such times
that the users of the network experience as little inconvenience as possible.

The updates will progress one campus at a time according to the following schedule:

   *   City Centre 28 Aug–15 Sep
   *   Kumpula and remote locations 18 Sep–6 Oct
   *   Viikki 9–29 Oct

The updates have already been mostly done for Meilahti earlier this year.

Separate notifications on the interruptions with more detailed information on the schedule will be given. Notifications on interruptions can be found, for example, on Helpdesk’s instruction page.


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