Ouriginal plagiarism checker (wa Urkund)

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Short description

A browser-based plagiarism checker used at the University of Helsinki.

Service description

Ouriginal is a browser-based plagiarism checker used at the University of Helsinki used for the determination of originality of texts. Ouriginal works in the web browser and does not require installing any software.

How to take the service into use

A teacher uses via Moodle, e-mail or logs into the service at www.ouriginal.com. More specific instructions are available at https://teaching.helsinki.fi/instructions/article/ouriginal-urkund-instructions

A student checks their work according to the teacher’s instructions.


The Educational Technology Services is responsible for user support. PrioInfo AB is responsible for application maintenance.

User support

User support is available from the Educational Technology Services (edutech@helsinki.fi). The target time for answering support requests is three weekdays during normal office hours.

Service provider
Service manager
Martina Mether
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