Using the home directory on Linux (z drive)

These instructions apply to home computers. The home directory is automatically attached to centrally administered university desktop computers.

You have limited access to the university’s home directory (z drive) from Linux computers either from the command line using the smbclient tool or with the help of a graphical tool using it.

Currently, the home directory cannot be displayed as a network drive on Linux workstations, and the software are unable to identify files on network drives.

See instructions for

Use from a graphic user interface

  • Open the File menu from the panel.
  • Select Connect to server...

The Connect to Server dialog box opens.

  • From the Type dropdown menu, select Windows share.
  • Enter in the Server field.
  • Enter /home in the Share field
  • In the Folder field, enter the name of the subdirectory, which consists of the first letter or your username and the actual username (/u/username), e.g. /r/rkeskiva.
  • Enter you username in the Username field.
  • Enter ATKK in the Domain name field.
  • Click Connect.
  • Enter your password in the Password field of the window that opens.
  • Click Connect.
  • Note: Make sure that Remember forever is not ticked. Your password is now saved in plain language on the hard drive of your workstation. However, this poses a serious information security risk and is contrary to the university’s information security recommendations.

  • Your home directory is now available.

Use from a command line

  • Enter the command
    smbclient //

    where the value for home# can be found in the table below, based on the first letter of your username, u is the first letter of your username and username is your username.

    first letter of username home#
    a home0
    b c d e home1
    f g h home2
    i j home3
    k l home4
    m home5
    n o p home6
    q r s home7
    t u v home8
    w x y z home9

For example, the command line of the user Raimo Keski-Vääntö (username rkeskiva) looks like this:

smbclient // -U 'ATKK\rkeskiva'

Domain=[ATKK] OS=[EMC-SNAS:T5.6.49.3] Server=[SMB2] smb: \r\rkeskiva\>

The software resembles a traditional unix ftp

  • List of commands with the ? character
  • Some commands:
    • dir list the files of the remote directory
    • get get a file from the remote directory
    • mget get several files from the remote directory
    • put send the file to the remote directory
    • mput send several files to the remote directory
    • cd change remote end default directory
    • lcd change local default directory

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