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Server space for the units’ own network applications. The client ordering the hotel is always responsible for the actual applications.

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The web hotel is intended for the units’ own web applications that they want to place on University of Helsinki’s own servers. A web hotel provides space for the applications. The client ordering the hotel room is always responsible for the actual applications and their updates. The university’s web hotels are Linux based, and all services of the hotel share a common hardware platform.

Hur tjänsten tas i bruk

To get access to the service, contact the IT Center by e-mail at webmaster@helsinki.fi. The suitability of the service for the web hotel is determined on a case-by-case basis. The technical system description of the provider of the web application is used as part of this determination, and it should be sent with the request.

The implementation includes a maximum one work day of consultation.


The IT Center is responsible for setting up the web hotel, back-up copying, system monitoring and operating system-level updates.

The client is responsible for the installation, administration and functionality of the application. The client must have an administrator appointed in charge of the service.


In case of problems, web hotel administration is available at webmaster@helsinki.fi

Teo Kirkinen
Mikko Hirvonen

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