Printing in the University

Printing in the University

Printing can usually be done through the Smartcard printing queue on the university workstations. You can print on any public printer on any campus. Printing on Smartcard devices is always subject to a charge. If you are a member of staff, your department will cover the costs. Unigrafia Oy provides the printing service to the university.

How to print

Student printing

All student printing is subject to a charge.  Please see more information about student printing from Flamma.

All Unigrafia Canon multi-function printers can be used by students. They provide prints in colour, copies and scans. The printers can also be used to print materials not related to studies. Printing and copying is subject to a charge. See the general printing instructions above.

Student printing in a nutshell

* Printing is done with the Smartcard printing queue
* Printing or copying on other multi-function printers is always subject to a charge.
* Printing balance required for printing or copying can be purchased online shop.
* You can find printing prices in Flamma

Printing from the eduroam network

It is possible to print from the wireless eduroam network on the university’s computers that are centrally administered and on which the smartcard printing queues have already been installed. If the printers have to be separately searched for, it may cause a lag of several minutes.

Unigrafia offers a printing service for those without a university user account. The service is subject to a charge.
Click here for more information.

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