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The IT-Helpdesk serves the University staff and students via chat, e-mail and telephone. Support and instructions are limited to the most important devices in the university’s centralised administration and the standard programmes on these devices.The IT-Helpdesk´s opening hours can be found at the bottom of each instructions site page. The IT Helpdesk’s instructions site is available 24/7.

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Information security

On this page, you can find information related to information security collected from the Helpdesk site, Student’s digital skills and Flamma.

Remote access to university services

Sometimes you may need to use the university’s internal databases, directories or certain online services from outside the university (e.g., your home directory or SAP). In that case, you need to connect to the university network. For that, you need to establish a secure (encrypted) communication channel, a so-called VPN tunnel. The university offers several options to achieve this. The easiest way to access certain limited services is to use a VPN portal, an application running in your browser. For more advanced use, you are advised to install a genuine VPN client. With a VPN client, your

Mobile devices

As mobile devices and smartphones have become more common, new possibilities and new challenges have arisen. One of the greatest challenges is information security, the importance of which is emphasised as the amount of data and ways of using the systems are expanding. Although the importance of technical information security must not be underestimated, a large part of information security consists of the user’s own actions. These instructions include the best practices concerning the security of smartphones. This list is not designed to be a comprehensive set of information security

Saving and sharing information

The university enables the use of various network drives for individual or group work on both university computers and home computers. In addition to home and group directories, work files can be saved on your computer or external storage media. Different types of storage media have different features. Some are designed for personal use and some for sharing information with others.  This page contains links for more detailed instructions.

For more information on saving information, see Student’s digital skills.


Current topics


Print service problems persist on Windows 10 machines

Update 19 July 2021: Microsoft has announced a new vulnerability in Windows computers. We have removed the ability to print from Windows 10 computers. If you need to print from a Windows 10 computer, please contact the Helpdesk. Only e-mail printing is available on shared computers. When returning from vacation, please remind to keep the computer on so the computer has time to receive and install updates. The computer will notify you when you need to restart. For MacOS and Linux users the


Warning about phishing messages

Phishing messages have been detected urging university staff and students to go to a scam website. Phishing messages have been sent for example with a title ”3 Important security notification regarding 2021 payroll schedule." Do not open the message or the link it contains.

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