The University of Helsinki IT Center offers extensive and modern IT services for the most common needs of the students, researchers, teachers, and other staff.

Application development service

Service for the development of customised applications needed by the university and university users for which no product is offered by commercial producers. The service is subject to a charge.

Application maintenance

Minor modifications and maintenance of finished applications produced in the Application development service.

Back-up copying

Back-up copying of the data content of servers according to the agreed schedule as well as restoration of data when necessary. Servers owned by units may also be connected to the service.

Data center service

The data center service offers the university units the opportunity to bring their own servers to the data center of the IT Center.

Database service

A service for units needing database space for their own applications.

Efecte ITSM

Service management system

Endpoint and asset management of workstations

Automated management of workstations, including application and operating system installations and updates.

Firewall service

A firewall makes it possible to isolate a secure network from the rest of the data network for use by research laboratories, for example.

Fixed and wireless information networks

The service is responsible for the operation of the university’s network connections. In addition to the fixed information network and wireless networks are available.

Information security consultation

Advisory, assessment and training services relating to information securityplanning.

Integration service

A service for exchanging data between data systems.

Monitoring of information systems

Monitoring of the university’s network connections and information systems as well as own applications of the university’s units based on a separate agreement.

Moodle learning environment

A learning environment on the web for the organisation of web courses and sharing of course materials.

Ouriginal plagiarism checker (wa Urkund)

A browser-based plagiarism checker used at the University of Helsinki.

Server administration

Server space included in administration for the units’ own applications. The servers are mainly existing servers and web hotels of the IT Center.

Server storage space

Storage space for units in the IT Center’s centralised disk systems. A separate server may also be provided.

Solution consultation

A service for surveying the IT needs of units and research groups and on how to resolve them.

Student’s digital skills

A technical platform and studying materials for taking the Student’s digital skills, a compulsory course for all degree students.

Support for acquisitions

A support service for major IT acquisitions of units. The service comprises, for example, assistance for the preparation of requests for tenders and competitive bidding.

Support for IT projects

Support service for the university’s significant IT projects.

Tools for corporation

Network services for the creation and publication of shared content and for cooperation between university staff and students and stakeholders.

Web hotel

Server space for the units’ own network applications. The client ordering the hotel is always responsible for the actual applications.