Solution consultation

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A service for surveying the IT needs of units and research groups and on how to resolve them.

Service description

Solution consultation provides assistance to the IT needs of units, researchers and research groups. Solution consultation comprises usually minor assignments lasting approximately 1–5 workdays with the goal of producing a proposed solution for the client which can be used as the basis for fulfilling a need related to information technology. The service is especially intended for cases where the problem is too big for processing by the customary IT support and no ready-made solution exists.

Typical objects of solution consultation include, among other things, market surveys and assessments of needs, minor IT systems and other IT solutions as well as IT procurements.

How to take the service into use

By contacting the customer service helpdesk or customer service representative:


The IT Center’s solution consultation provides a proposed solution and offers consultation on the implementation of the solution, if necessary.

Service provider

Minor solution consultation (discretionary; 1–5 days) is provided free of charge. Consultation in excess of this is charged according to the price list of the IT Center.

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