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A service for units needing database space for their own applications.

Service description

The database service is intended for use by applications of the university’s units needing database space. The service includes a technical platform, technical administration of systems, upgrades and back-ups and restorations, if needed. The selection includes Oracle, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases.

In addition to the actual technical platform, the service includes support consisting of maximum one day of start-up consultation, assistance for sorting out problems as well as information security monitoring and sorting out of information security issues. It also includes the transfer of data from old databases to new ones required because of the replacement of servers and version changes.

In addition, a program connected to the database is needed for processing the data stored in the databases. Assistance is available for the choice of program, if necessary.

How to take the service into use

You can get access to the service by contacting the IT Center at The message must specify at least the intended use of the database, the required storage space and information of the contact person.


The IT Center is responsible for keeping the database platform systems functional and ensuring that updated versions are used. Also database back-ups and restorations, if any, are the responsibility of the IT Center.

The client is responsible for any changes needed in its own applications due to a change of database version.

User support

User support related to databases offered to the client’s contact persons is provided by the IT Center’s database service group (

The unit ordering the service is responsible for the provision of support for end users of the software utilising the database.

Service provider

The pricing of the service depends on the size and method of implementation of the database. Possible methods of implementation are:

Creating a user account for an existing server in shared use (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL) is a basic service provided free of charge when the required storage space is 10 GB maximum. Additional space will be charged on the basis of the currently valid price list.
A database instance separate from the shared databases, providing better performance and allowing multiple user accounts, will be charged on the basis of the currently valid price list.

The price list is available in the intranet at .

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