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Service management system

Service description

The Efecte ITSM service management system is used to manage support requests and monitor their progress. The use of the system allows joint visibility of the support requests received from customers.

Efecte contains the following service management processes:
incident management, change management, problem management, configuration management and feedback management.

Incident management is responsible for the incident management lifecycle. It ensures that
normal service production can be recovered as quickly as possible.

The purpose of problem management is to identify factors leading to support requests,
for which a longer-term solution could be found through
change management.

The purpose of change management is to standardise changes to be made to IT services.
The aim is to ensure that changes can be made as smoothly as possible in view of both customers and the staff of the IT Center.

Feedback management is used to monitor customer satisfaction with the IT Center’s services by sending the customer a feedback form after the support request has been solved. Reports are prepared on the basis of the feedback, for use in developing the IT Center’s operations.

The service is available 24/7. Administrator support is available during office hours.

How to take the service into use

The service is available by contacting Efecte maintenance at the address efecte@helsinki.fi.


The IT Center is responsible for the technical service platform on which the system has been built. Efecte Finland Oy takes care of the functioning of the information system
on the server platform. The IT Center’s Efecte maintenance staff are responsible for system configuration and developing its use.
The Efecte administrators of each customer unit are responsible for training Efecte users, supporting the use of the system, providing guidance materials and performing other administrator tasks defined by the IT Center in their own units. Efecte administrators also act as contact persons towards the IT Center.

User support

Efecte administration supports the administrators of the customer units.

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