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Storing research-related data in the university’s and its partner’s systems and back-up.

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Storage solutions are provided both by the University of Helsinki IT Center and CSC.

University of Helsinki’s solutions:

Storage space visible on the workstation

All university staff and students have access to a personal online storage space that is visible on workstations and the content of which other users cannot be access. Automatic backups of your personal storage are taken every night.

Group disk space is a network storage location used by a specific group of users with automatic backups. A staff member can order disk space for their group using the order form in the RYHTI

Dept disk space is a storage service that units provide from storage space they have acquired. New dept storage is acquired from the Helpdesk:, who refer the requests to Solution consultation to assess the required type and size of storage.

Storage space visible to servers

The IT Center provides storage space for units in the IT Center’s centralised disk systems. Storage space is offered on the client’s own server connected to the fibre network or on servers administered by the IT Center. Storage space is backed, but the server administrator is responsible for its configuration. The service is available by contacting the Helpdesk:

University’s local cloud storage

Datacloud provides storage space that is not backed up, is suitable for larger datasets and that can also be shared outside the university. The system is being piloted, but reals users are also being admitted. The same storage cluster also offers an S3 interface. A more technical description and instructions for deployment can be found on the pilot's website (in Finnish):
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact Helpdesk:

Own storage server

If, for some reason, no other storage option can be used, individual storage servers can be acquired through the IT Center. The unit acquiring the server will be responsible for the purchase and life cycle costs of the server. The servers can be placed in the university's data centers, in which case the IT Center will provide the maintenance of the server platform and operating system, including information security updates. The maintenance of applications running on the server remains the responsibility of the unit acquiring the server. In this case too, please contact Helpdesk first:

Backup on tapes (Networker, Bareos)

Backing up server data according to agreed schedules and restoring of data when necessary. Servers owned by units may also be connected to the service. For more information on the service, please visit the Helpdesk instructions site:.

Environment for processing sensitive data

The Umpio storage space is a secure network folder for sensitive data. It can only be used with a virtual computer using two-factor authentication. You can access this storage space by contacting Helpdesk:

Cloud storage

Teams (sharing) and OneDrive (personal) for non-sensitive materials. It is easy to share data outside the university.

Solutions offered by CSC:

• Allas – for short-term storage related to computing conducted at CSC

• Fairdata IDA – project for research data storage:

• Fairdata PAS – for long-term storage of research data

• B2DROP & B2SHARE – EUDAT-wide services for collaborative use, sharing and publication of research data:

• ePouta – sensitive storage in a computing environment: A more detailed description of the service is available together with information on research computing services. Please contact Helpdesk regarding the deployment of ePouta services at the university:

• SD Desktop and SD Connect – for storage and processing of sensitive data

Research data management:

When planning the management of research data, it is recommended to get acquainted with the University's Data Support services. More detailed information on data support, data management and related training is available on the Data Support website:

How to take the service into use

You can always contact Helpdesk with any questions related to the deployment of these services. Each sub-service is deployed differently, as described on the Helpdesk instructions site:


The IT Center is responsible for the technical functionality of the storage space and backup solutions it provides.

For services provided by CSC, responsibility is determined in accordance with the terms and conditions of the services.

User support

Instructions on how to use the services are available at instructions site of the Helpdesk and by contacting them, if necessary.

If you need help with the processing of research data or data management planning, please contact the University's Data Support:

Service provider
Service owner
Jukka Hienola
Service manager
Mikko Hassinen

Indicative pricing for the different storage services can be found on the university's Data Support website:

Please always confirm the up-to-date price of services from the Helpdesk: or your own customer service representative:

Some prices are determined in accordance with the price list of the IT Center:

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