Funet Filesender

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4 - In use
Service is meant for
External users
Short description

Funet FileSender is a secure way to share large files with anyone.

Service description

Funet Filesender is web based file sharing service especially for higher education institutes and research community. Funet FileSender is especially suited for sharing large files, even for transferring and sharing multiple gigabyte files. Funet FileSender is not storage service and files will be removed automatically after defined period (max. 3 weeks).

How to take the service into use

You log in using your standard institutional account (HAKA) in address
Recipients do not have to have HAKA accounts.

*) AD accounts of the university are so called HAKA accounts.


Service is produced by Funet and CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

User support
Service provider

Free for academic users.

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