Printing services offered to staff

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Centralised printing service to university staff.

Service description

Printing services offered to staff is a service package for university units comprising of printing, scanning and copying, provided by Unigrafia. The print service is used by means of multi-function printers provided by Unigrafia. The service is based on a printing queue. Anyone who has printed a job in the queue may print it out on any device connected to the service (so-called cloud printing).

Using the service requires a separate ID card, usually the employee’s own personal ID card. The service is charged on a unit-specific basis according to the placement unit of the user of the service.

How to take the service into use

A print queue used for smartcard printing is automatically installed in workstations (Smartcard-PCL and/or Smartcard-PS) with the exception of workstations installed as lecture hall installations. Users are instructed on how to use the print queues of other print servers not intended for smartcard printing.


Unigrafia is responsible for the university’s printing services and printing devices.

Phone support is directed to Canon Europe’s helpdesk service.


-minor paper jams
-adding paper
-replacing the ink cartridges
-installing the print queue offered by the print server
removing the print queue installed by a previous user

Support team

-using the printer
-preliminary resolution of problems & general advice
-taking the direct print queue into use

Remote support team

-print queue problems
-centralised adding of the Smartcard queue
-network problems

On-site support team

-physical network problems


-requests for materials
-requests for reports
-replacement of devices
-queries concerning devices


-ink cartridge orders
-waste ink cartridges
-device malfunctions

User support

HY Helpdesk (

Unigrafia Oy (

Canon Oy (Canon Europe Helpdesk)

Service provider
Service owner
Mika Kivilompolo
Service manager
Juhani Aurava

Unigrafia is responsible for the pricing of the service. The pricing can be found at

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