Endpoint and asset management of workstations

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Automated management of workstations, including application and operating system installations and updates.

Service description

Centralised management of workstations is responsible for keeping the software of workstations included in the centralised management up to date and for other necessary management duties. The IT Center takes care of centralised management of workstations included in the service in such a way that each workstation does not need to be updated separately.

The service includes the automated implementation of a workstation, covering the installation of the operating system using the university’s settings, the distribution and updates of centrally managed software, application and hardware inventories, monitoring of software usage, looking after information security (incl. application updates) and the opportunity to use remote administration tools.
The centralised management also includes the management of licence servers. The licence servers ensure that only the allowed number of licences acquired by the university are being used at any particular time. Licence servers are also used in units, but the IT Center recommends a centralised licence management on its servers. This allows a full transfer of the responsibility for licence administration to the IT Center. Using the licence service always requires support of the application for the monitoring of licences (in practice, monitoring software to be installed in a Windows server must be included in the delivery of the application).

How to take the service into use

The service is included in the IT Center’s workstation service and does not need to be ordered separately. The service is implemented when a new university workstation is taken into use.

The service is offered to external organisations based on agreement; contact person Minna Harjuniemi.


The IT Center is responsible for the operation of the centralised workstation administration environment as stated in the description.

Problems and needs should be reported to the Helpdesk or on-site IT support. In case of special software, the client shall participate in the testing and implementation of the software packages installed if necessary.

Service provider

Basic service provided free of charge within the university. Offered to external parties based on agreement.

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