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4 - In use
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External users
Short description

The service includes email routing, virus and spam filtering, mailing lists, personal mailbox, shared mailbox, and securemail.

Service description

The email service is included in the university user account. Each user has a personal email address in the domain as well as a mailbox in the Microsoft O365 service.

The O365 service consists of a cloud service and an on premises service. The on premises service is only available for use cases that require specific data security. The on premises service is provided by the University IT Centre, the servers are located in IT Centre's server facilities and all data are managed within the University.

The email service also contains virus and spam filtering, as well as a Securemail service.

The securemail service (encrypted email) is intended for the processing of confidential materials by email. It allows the encryption of e-mail messages and attachments. E-mail messages sent to both internal university addresses and external addresses can be encrypted. The service is used whenever confidential materials are processed by e-mail. Users outside the university can send encrypted e-mail to University of Helsinki e-mail accounts at

How to take the service into use

The service is provided automatically for almost all holders of university user accounts. The encrypted email service is provided for all holders of university email addresses. Instructions at


The user must act according to the rules and guidelines of the university IT systems. It's especially important to use the encrypted email service whenever the information sent or received is confidential. Information security guidelines for the use of e-mail by university staff and students can be found in Flamma, the university intranet:

User support

User support is available from the IT Centre Helpdesk (

Service provider
Service owner
Minna Harjuniemi
Service manager
Janne Peltonen

The service is free of charge for the user.

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