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Monitoring of the university’s network connections and information systems as well as own applications of the university’s units based on a separate agreement.

Service description

The monitoring of information systems includes technical support in case of malfunctions. The technical support will include both the IT Center’s own systems and, based on agreements, also systems of university units and other separately agreed partners.

The status of systems is monitored by a separate monitoring system. Technical support in charge of monitoring can be reached at 02941 44444. The emergency duty number is intended for the IT experts in charge of systems. Depending on the agreed service level, the emergency duty is responsible for creating notifications of malfunctions, reporting to the administrators of the failed system and notifying the Helpdesk. Notifications of malfunctions are published on System notifications of Flamma and Studies Service, on Helpdesk's web page and on web site. The emergency duty also follows up on the repair of malfunctions and updates the notification of malfunction as required. Helpdesk is responsible for providing instructions to end users during the disturbance based on the information obtained from the emergency duty.

Services can also be specified in the monitoring system based on self-service. In such cases, the administrators of the service take care of the problems of their system themselves.

How to take the service into use

The inclusion of systems “outside” the IT Center systems in monitoring is always agreed on separately by contacting the service manager. The client shall specify the administrator or administrators of the service or system at this time.

The information of services being monitored, the required level of monitoring and actions in case of disturbances are specified when monitoring is agreed. The technical monitoring methods supported by the system are described in the documentation of the Big Sister system. The system may generate alerts of issues detected and send them by e-mail and as text messages.

For further instructions, please read Instructions for customer administrators:


The user of the monitoring service shall ensure that the contact information of administrators and all other information is correct, current and updated. The users must have the right to place systems under monitoring by the IT Center.

User support

Technical support from the monitoring system is available by e-mail at

The data communications team ( provides support materials for the technical monitoring of services when the service is acquired.

Service provider

Basic service provided free of charge.

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